Patrick Mathay


Patrick Mathay
Member since:
04 Jun, 2014


Patrick is Executive Director of the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) and is responsible for all organizational operations in Guatemala, Ecuador, and the United States. ROMP provides low-cost, high quality prosthetic devices to those who would not otherwise have access to these services.

He has served in a variety of capacities in his career with ROMP, from effectiveness studies to prosthetic device fabrication to clinic management to executive leadership (with a wild 4,000 mile fundraiser bicycle ride in between). Prior to ROMP, Patrick worked for in Boston, MA and volunteered his time on the TripAdvisor Foundation leadership team.

Patrick holds three bachelors degrees from the University of Kansas.


Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Administrator (CEO, COO, President, Executive)


  • Range of Motion Project

Work Location(s)

  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala

Population(s) Served

  • Disabled
  • Rural


  • English
  • Spanish