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Reply to respirtaor protection

April 19, 2013
Hi Chiara, How are you? I think the problem you face in the mission is a common one that has3 aspects: Supply issue Management of best protection for staff with what you have Appropriate management of fear through good education of staff of risk, IC hierarchy and the benefits of ...

People with Drug ResistantTB Blogging

June 13, 2011
The importance of listening to people with TB and drug resistant TB cannot be underestimated if we truly desire to successfully cure our patients and develop successful, patient centred TB and HIV treatment programmes. In order to allow patients a direct voice in TB advocacy we have set up a ...
Advocacy & Education blog drug resistant tuberculosis empowerment MDR TB patient support community tuberculosis

Disposal of sputum for home infection control in MDR TB treatment

Jan. 12, 2010
Hello, I am wondering what members who are treating MDR TB advise patients for the home infection control management of sputum while patients are still infectious. Do you treat this as medical waste or are patients simply advised to use tissues and dispose in plastic bags that would then be ...
home sputum disposal MDR-TB Personal Respiratory Protection TB IC Guidelines

Reply to Psychosocial support for MDR-TB patients

June 25, 2009
Dear Colleagues, We are currently looking at the possibility of starting facilitated group discussions in one of our MDR TB program. I am wondering if you would be able to share some information onthe following: 1. How do you deal with infection control in group sessions (as patients will have ...

How much better is respirator fit testing compared with fit checking?

June 23, 2009
Dear Colleagues, In the WHO Guidelines for the Prevention of tuberculosis in health care facilities in resource limited settings it mentions that "Should time and resources permit (financial and staff), a respirator (fit) testing program should be incorporated into the IC plan." In trying to decide the relative benefit of ...
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