Rajesh Panjabi, MD, MPH


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12 Aug, 2008


CEO, Last Mile Health (http://www.lastmilehealth.org).
Associate Physician, Division of Global Health Equity, Brigham & Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

At age 9, Raj narrowly escaped a civil war in his home country of Liberia. He returned to serve the people he had left behind, co-founding Last Mile Health (known in Liberia as Tiyatien Health), a Harvard-affiliated non-profit organization partnering with the Government of Liberia to save lives in last mile villages by giving local villagers the training, equipment and support they need to become professional frontline health workers. LMH has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Echoing Green, and Big Bang Philanthropy. Dr. Panjabi is an Associate Physician in the Division of Global Health Equity at Harvard/Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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  • Administrator (CEO, COO, President, Executive)


  • Last Mile Health
  • Tiyatien Health

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  • Liberia


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