K. Rivet Amico, PhD


K. Rivet Amico, PhD
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04 Apr, 2009


Rivet is a research scientist at the University of Connecticut’s Center for Health, Innovation, and Prevention, and also works with Applied Health Research as a developer and trainer of interventions that use communication and counseling theory to support adherence and retention in the context of clinical trials and resource limited settings.

Methodology, design, measurement, and analytic strategies in cross-sectional and longitudinal designs are also of interest. The development of interventions to support medication and treatment adherence that are ecologically valid, culturally competent, and highly translatable to practical settings guides much of my research and project development to date. As a co-developer of the IMB-model of HAART adherence and the developer of the situated-Information Motivation Behavioral Skills model of care initiation and maintenance (sIMB-CIM), Rivey firmly believes in the potential contributions that theorists and methodologists can make in efforts to promote health behavior. The intersection between medicine, behavioral science, and systems of care offers the unique opportunity for health psychologists to actively contribute to multidisciplinary teams and shape the direction of behavioral interventions for promotion of health and clinical outcomes for those struggling with chronic medical conditions. This is particularly the case in HIV care, as this cohort is aging and the proportion of those dealing with co-morbities continues to increase. Similarly, in areas where diet and lifestyle are the targets of recommended treatment, sophisticated strategies for supporting engagement in care must address broad compendiums of treatment recommendations and not just adherence to medication. It is in these areas that my program of research seeks to develop and evaluate comprehensive models and model-based interventions.


HIV Treatment & Prevention
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