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Robert Riviello
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22 Oct, 2008


Robert Riviello, MD, MPH, through his teaching, research and clinical activities, hopes to improve access to surgical services for poor African patients by bridging academic general surgery with teaching hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa and thereby improving the quality and quantity of available surgical workforce. He is developing, through the BWH Department of Surgery and the BWH Center for Surgery and Public Health, a Global Surgery Delivery track to provide structured mentorship to such residents. He also leads an Academic Global Surgery Forum which offers group mentorship to medical and public health students and surgical residents in this budding field. Dr. Riviello has a secondary focus investigating innovative low-cost wound care technology to impact the global burden of chronic wounds. Working in collaboration with MIT engineers, CSPH, and the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), his research team has developed a prototype of a simplified Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) device. He believes that by mentoring and training future North American leaders in the nascent academic field of global surgery and by linking this to training surgical providers in Africa, substantial advances in delivery of surgical care can be achieved.

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  • Academic
  • Physician


  • Brigham And Women's Hospital - BWH
  • Center for Surgery and Public Health - BWH
  • Partners In Health - PIH

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  • United States


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