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Reply to GHDonline becoming static as of 10 December 2018

Nov. 13, 2018
Thanks Erica. Will do ASAP @Masoud- Thanks for managing this great platform that was GHDonline. Too bad it is going static. Is this largely due to funding issues? Just curious here. Thx

Reply to TB Conferences: We Must Do Better

Oct. 29, 2018
I could not agree more Madhu. Looking forward to next years Union conference in Hyderabad. This year's Union certainly did bring in more the patient perspective but we need to continue the momentum there.

AMR animation

June 28, 2018
Great short 5mins animation describing the problem related to antimicrobial resistance. Great piece to share for those non-technical Thanks for BMGF support
anti-microbial resistance

Reply to India initiates process to develop national essential diagnostics list

March 15, 2018
Great work Madhu! Can't wait to see the list and further help in eliminating TB in India and rest of the world.

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