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Reply to Why is e-Health so hard?

Feb. 12, 2015
This subject cuts to the heart of all of the e-Health activities currently underway worldwide, in both the developed countries, and in the developing countries. It would appear, to me at least, that the main problem is that the e-Health expectations, by all participants, far exceed the financial capabilities of ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Improving Equity through Health IT in the US and Internationally

March 27, 2014
I appreciate receiving this invitation on such a currently topical subject as 'equity in health care' and how IT can benefit the health care system, particularly in the developing countries which are - unfortunately - so many years behind the developed countries. Being so far behind in health IT of ...

Reply to Cost of piloting EMR system

Nov. 19, 2013
This discussion is providing some interesting, and helpful, cost information for the many persons in the developing countries who are actively pursuing eHealth for their home country. It would be helpful if all cost figures could be standardized to one particular currency, whether the US$, or euro, or if in ...

Reply to Cost of piloting EMR system

Nov. 18, 2013
Dr, Atre, of India, raises the most fundamental issue associated with all eHealth initiatives in the developing countries. What is the COST of the implementation, including on-going support? This matter appears to be avoided by those with experience in the developed countries - who should know the costs - however, ...

Reply to Experiences with an open source business

June 13, 2012
Hi Derek and Joaquin, It is very interesting that Derek would introduce Linux - the Open Source operating system favoured worldwide in developing countries - for it is Linux on which the Heron PAS runs in Jamaica (in my earlier discussion contribution) for over 10 years - with close to ...

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