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Reply to Launch of WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0

April 27, 2018
Thanks for sharing the most valuable document. It is surely a snapshot of bridging the gaps according to the health system challenges.

Reply to Member Spotlight

March 8, 2017
It is quite interesting program.I am thinking if we use this software to prevent outbreak of dangue fever in South East Asia.

Reply to Underserved Rural Patients

Jan. 2, 2017
Please find link here to view healthcare delivery model for rural areas.

Reply to Underserved Rural Patients

Dec. 30, 2016
I designed a healthcare model for rural areas.I uploaded document with title of "Healthcare Reforms in Pakistan" Please let me know in case you can't find it.

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Bridging the Language Gap: Overcoming Language Barriers in Health Care

Nov. 19, 2016
It is essential for interpretator to have knowledge about physical symptoms in order to translate them for doctors.A single mistake can lead to misdiagnosis in this regard.The confidentiality must be maintained in engagement sessions.Keeping these challenges in Mind the interpretators need proper training to avoid any error.

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