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Seun Adebiyi
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28 Feb, 2012


Seun Adebiyi is a graduate of the Yale Law School, an alumnus of Goldman Sachs, and a 2014 Winter Olympic contender. Previously, Seun competed internationally as a member of the Nigerian swim team, surpassing the Nigerian record in the 200 meter freestyle and just missing the 2004 Olympics by one tenth of a second. His current sport, skeleton, is an 80 mph headfirst plunge down a mile-long ice chute. In June 2009, however, Seun's quest to become the first Winter Olympian from Nigeria was derailed by two rare and aggressive blood cancers, stem cell leukemia and lymphoblastic lymphoma. His survival hinged upon a stem cell transplant. Yet, due to his African heritage and the scarcity of black donors, his odds of finding a matching donor were less than 17%. Seun became a public advocate for cancer patients and set twin goals of recruiting 10,000 donors and building a donor registry in Nigeria, where one quarter of the African population resides. Seun appeared on several national and international media outlets and even participated in a documentary to raise awareness about the urgent need for stem cell donors, as a result of which several thousand people around the world registered. Seun received a stem cell transplant in February 2010 and is currently in remission. He now seeks to use the Olympic platform to challenge the stigma of cancer in Africa, as well as to promote education and awareness about stem cell donation among African and African-American communities.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Advocate, Community Organizer


  • Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network - YP-CDN

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  • Nigeria