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Reply to [ARCHIVED] Integrating M&E for Health Systems Strengthening

March 24, 2012
Jean Pierre Nyemazi's comment is a good reminder that M&E, and data collection more generally, cannot be cordoned off from the rest of the health system. Institutionalistion of good data collection practices for example, suggests more than the introduction of efficient mechanisms (ie mechanistic processes) but also behavioural and managerial ...

Reply to Directly observed antiretroviral therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials

April 21, 2010
Thanks all for the discussion. The centre for Infectious DIsease Research in Zambia is also starting to examine current practice / thoughts about adherence. One area that interests us is thinking about the relative role of clinicians/counselors in the clinics, in a)stressing adherence b) identifying behaviours / behavioural risk factors ...

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