Sumi Mehta


Sumi Mehta
Member since:
25 May, 2011


Sumi Mehta, MPH, PhD is the Senior Technical Manager for the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves at the United Nations Foundation. Until recently, she was the scientific lead for the Health Effects Institute’s Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia Program. She has worked on assessing exposures to household air pollution (HAP), and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of interventions to promote environmental health. She co-authored chapters on exposure assessment and susceptibility in the latest WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines, and is a member of the WHO Expert Group for HAP Guidelines. She collaborated with Kirk Smith to produce the first estimates of the global burden of disease from HAP, and is actively involved in updating the burden estimates for HAP and outdoor air pollution.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Manager (Site/Facility, Program, Project)


  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • United Nations Foundation

Work Location(s)

  • United States