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Transmitting Medication Monitor Records with RedGreenLED

Aug. 17, 2013
Least Expensive and Reasonably Accurate Way to Transmit Approximate Adherence Record From Medication Monitors to Caregivers by Using Mobile Phones & a Red/Green/Yellow LED For HIV Patients on Treatment Using mobile phones to interview parents once a week regarding the how well HIV positive children have taken anti-retroviral drugs has ...
Adherence and Retention Monitoring & Evaluation

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Integrating M&E for Health Systems Strengthening

March 24, 2012
Thomas Moulding M.D. My contribution to this topic will be limited to the issue of preventing drug resistance to TB drugs by monitoring the medication ingestion of TB patients and selecting poorly adherent patients who require Directly Observed Therapy. For those who are interested in this topic my thoughts are ...

Alternative Less Expensive transmission from medication monitor to cell phone

Nov. 15, 2010
From Tom Moulding M.D. Clinical Professor of Medicine Harbor UCLA Medical Center Torrance CA Office phone 310 375 5980 From the postings so far from Drs, Haberer and Luk. I feel there are two problems for which I may have useful suggestions in the area of A) Cost and B) ...

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Adherence & Retention

"Lessons Learned in India: E-Compliance for TB Treatment by Operation ASHA"

Lessons Learned in India: E-Compliance for TB Treatment by Operation ASHA