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Thomas Tsai
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22 Nov, 2013


Thomas Tsai, MD, MPH, is a surgeon and health policy researcher committed to improving health care by understanding the role of policy in shaping the cost and quality of health care delivery.

Tsai's research focuses on the use of quality metrics such as readmissions in public reporting and pay for performance; socioeconomic disparities; and innovative delivery models. He worked on implementation of the Affordable Care Act as a senior adviser to the Assistant Secretary Planning and Evaluation in the US Department of Health and Human Services from 2014-2015. He is currently completing his general surgery residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital and is a research associate in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Tsai is a graduate form Harvard College, Stanford University School of Medicine, and Harvard School of Public Health.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Academic
  • Physician
  • Policy


  • Brigham And Women's Hospital - BWH

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  • United States