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Trond Undheim
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Internationally renowned strategy, technology and innovation executive, Trond A. Undheim is the Founder of Yegii Inc., the insight network often referred to as the "McKinsey of the digital age"​, or "Google for professionals", leads MIT Startup Exchange (STEX), connecting industry to startups, is the Managing Director of Tautec Consulting, and a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management.
• A gifted public speaker, Trond is the author of Leadership From Below (2008) and writes the wine column at Color Magazine USA (
• Trond was previously the Director of Standards Strategy and Policy in EMEA for Oracle Corporation. Prior to that, he served as the National Expert on eGovernment at the European Commission. Trond led the EUs good practice exchange initiative,, which displays cases totalling one billion euros in project implementation. Trond merged two huge websites owned by different directorates, led the Web 2.0 design, secured a 700% membership increase in 4 months of operation, tripled the number of monthly visitors, quadrupled the number of workshops and oversaw all product development.
• Trond was the Project Manager on Cleantech as well as Software policy at the Norwegian Board of Technology, and a Visiting Fellow at UC Berkeley in California. He co-founded several start-ups, including a VC funded business incubator, a think tank (, and two consulting firms.
• Trond is a popular speaker at international events, has written dozens of articles and publishes regularly on topics such as innovation, e-Government, knowledge management, Internet strategy, and social change. He is an R&D evaluator for the European Commission as well as the Research Council of Norway, and was the Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of ePractice.
• Trond obtained his Ph.D. (2002) in Technology Studies and Sociology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and holds an MA (1998) in the Sociology of Publishing.

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