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Reply to Launched: WHO M&E for Digital Health Toolkit

March 27, 2017
Thanks Dr. Garrett for sharing this useful resource. This was a major gap. Best, Usman abt <> | lnkdn <>

Reply to Health Care Variation

Feb. 21, 2017
Thank you Prof. Terry for sharing these insights. I was most struck by: "*More health care is not better-ITS WORSE*" I think there's a lot packed inside that. Best, Usman abt <> | lnkdn <>

Reply to Invitation to contribute your priorities to WHO Guidelines on digital interventions for health systems strengthening and RMNCAH

Dec. 9, 2016
Hi Garrett, These are great questions I think. I am wondering if you would consider breaking the options down into two levels, to make it easier. Ordering 20 questions might be cognitively hard for many, and perhaps these can be split up into main categories first? I am happy to ...

Reply to Suggestion for Policy in Telemedicine

Oct. 27, 2016
You may also want to look at the World Bank's Digital Dividends report ( which looks at some of the broader system level issues in eHealth in general.

Reply to Senegal’s Journey Toward an eHealth Strategy

Oct. 13, 2016
Well in a nutshell, if you look at [GIZ report of] how Bangladesh proceeded with their eHealth reform, it is obvious that they did not start by developing a national vision/strategy but instead went for setting up the national data warehouse first and other interventions...only at the end of this ...

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