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can you help action urgent future diaries of global health movemnets like pih

By chris macrae | 13 Jun, 2015

I chatted to a ghd community manager asking where to put this, she said YP

I may be wrong but this is where information i have collected leads me. My guess is bottom up global social value movements, with health the clearest benchmark thanks to over 25 years of networking out of boston, are at a crossroads at least where they rely on massive millennials exchanges like partners in health model does.
You may have read eg how UN calls 2015 biggest system change year in its existence- sustainability goals relaunched september 2015 could accelerate global social movements with one of 2 opposite futures:

 a lot more real progress to ending poverty , regaining sustainability

or a lot more greenwashing, big brothers endgames

I was at a yp meeting in ny with very rich presentation on the greenwashing and lobbying that makes chronic worse with tobacco, junk food etc- but which is also used by eg big pharma to make new drugs exactly opposite to global health movements goal

When it comes to mapping back whether we will invest in time for millennials sustainabilty, nobody has voiced clearer guidelines than jim kim and his 2030now genre. Now there were several times when boston-linked geniuses like farmer, kim, porter were all working together. I live in the lobby capital washington dc. While i am glad dc now has one anti-greenwasher in kim, i am concerned that in heading world bank he cant directly back any of the movements he was in middle of when pivotal to PIH . eg is kim now in best or worse position to ensure africa aid massively grounds community health training so that peoples dont suffer another ebola.

Transparent but fast leadership is complex as head of world bank he cant do that activist type stuff he would be doing if he was massively scaling movements with bostons millennials

So here's a diary date like none other in kims 5 year term at world bank. During the first 10 days october 2015, the world bank starts its annual dialogues in Lima Peru. During his 5 year term, this is the only time Kim had the choice of where to move the meetings to. His trailer I am a peruvian at heart

This refers to:
lima where he with farmer did some extraordinary innovations in mdr tuberculoiis- and where he was noticed by george soros -always a good thing for an open society solution

peru the guardian since 1968 of the Franciscan movements Preferential Option Poor (POP)- arguably the millennials best and most popular identity of public servants and faith leaders number 1 job now is end inequality openly, borderless

IT was POP kim and farmer identify adopted 1987 as culturally optimal for partners in heath, and everyone they impacted out of Boston through to haiti and onward! could now be app'd to any profession with a world class practitioner who lives with the poor and massively shares that through open learning networks. In the same year 1968 that Liberation Theology surfaced out of Peru (Gutierrez), pedagogy for the oppressed ie education's POP emerged from Brazil (Freire)- and magically a thirty something Muslim sir fazle abed read that text and modelled around it - the world's largest and bottom up ngo

so what happens when professions live with the poor unites the happiest of every faith or belief system that gives you courage, love and the ability to be open

who wants to connect their action networks or student union clubs with peru in early october or the popes visit 20 days earlier to UN, congress, and obama? who sees this as linking in PIH's or similar global health movements most critica timeline?

one more reference on what POP means to farmer and so to anyone who supports him

delighted to chat if you have questions- in dc we peoples have one fun media beams down to all nations in africa and asia- wha collunity helath etraining could be prime time now in most rural of last m community spaces?

by the way cheeky question to bostonians - has anyone ever asked berners lee if he could help with global health networking- coming from uk about my only hopeful globalmoment out of 21st c europe (owned by bureaucrats, swiss banks and fifas house of red cards) was that 3 in one image:
 of the queen parachuting down on Olympics with james bond;
3o minute dance extravagnaza of why britons still love nurses more than any other profession,
and the stadium lighting up with tim bl - the web is for everyone-

so whay not elearning and action networking health for everyone -- now



Pratap Kumar Replied at 1:41 PM, 13 Jun 2015

Hi Chris,
important post - happy to engage around - my attempt to create a global network of professionals interested in contributing to healthcare in developing countries and creating the tools for them to do so.
My take is that e/mHealth is currently focussed on the technology and not the professionals needed to make them work.
I'd love to hear about networks that we can tap into ... and yazmi sounds like a tool we could use to deliver remote consultations through community clinics.

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.